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ICAN Hospital Network

The ICAN Hospital Network includes both a “State of the Art” and “State of the Practice”. When we refer to the “State of the Art” we are referring to special skills and programs; when we refer to the “State of the Practice” we are referring our knowledge, skills and abilities. This project has been focused on the reports of suspected child abuse, especially those under the age of three. These reports, which focus on young children, provides an opportunity for prevention. It is a goal of the project to assist hospitals with increasing their overall reporting of child abuse.

Among the ICAN Hospital Network’s goals for 2020, will be to reach out to outpatient programs such as intensive care (PICUs) and burn services, with our central focus on reviewing inpatient and outpatient data from children ages 0-3.

This project began with a state-wide ICAN grant to write guidelines for investigation of fatal and severe child abuse. During the period of the initial grant, the Network worked with more than 100 hospitals statewide, in both urban and rural communities. In the last few years, the focus has moved to Los Angeles County – with a population of approximately ten million – as a more manageable dataset. We still have a statewide goal to connect hospitals with themselves – for common data and sharable resources. We continuously work to balance the concern of confidential records and the need to share records for the protection of children.


  • Social Workers
  • Hospital Administration
  • Child abuse prevention professionals

To connect with each other and their hospital resources.

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