Student Poster Art Contest

ICAN Associates hosts a Poster Art Contest each year in conjuction with National Child Abuse Prevention Month designated in the month of April. The contest is open to all 4th, 5th and 6th grade children throughout Los Angeles County. Since 1998, ICAN and ICAN Associates has reached students in all parts of the county on this important issue of child abuse prevention.


This annual program is designed to educate students and raise their awareness on issues of child abuse and child abuse prevention. The major goal of this project is to stimulate active discussions which allow teachers to teach their students about child abuse prevention, along with reassuring children that their well-being and safety are important to their teachers and the community. A panel of judges selects the winners. One student is selected as a grand prize winner. Five students are selected as winners and twenty (20) students are selected as finalists for their artwork.


2016 Poster Contest Winners


The posters of the Winners and Finalists have been exhibited at the State Department of Social Services in Sacramento, Family Violence Division of the District Attorney’s Office, Frances Howard Goldwyn Library, Los Angeles County Ed Edelman Children’s Court and Sex Crimes & Child Abuse Division of the District Attorney’s Office at the Hall of Records, at the annual ICAN Policy meeting and during the year at ICAN sponsored events.


For over 30 years, ICAN Associates has been hosting this Poster Art Contest and continues to support financial sponsorship by the Frederick R. Weisman Philanthropic Foundation, in-kind donations and many hours of dedicated volunteer services.


Former Poster Contest Winners