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The Pregnant and Parenting Teen (PPT) Task Force is a collaboration of Los Angeles County departments and community based organizations which strives to enhance the quality and availability of resources, develop the capacity of systems that serve pregnant and parenting youth, and advocate for practices, policies and legislation that support this population.  Our Vision is that all pregnant and parenting teens receive services they need to make informed choices about their pregnancies, deliver healthy babies, develop positive and effective parenting skills and achieve their educational and life goals.  PPT is a forum in where issues facing this population are brought and resolved through collaboration, networking, advocating, and resource sharing and policy development.

The task force meets monthly on the last Wednesday of the month and welcomes new members from both the public and private sectors.  For more information, contact ICAN. 



Baby City
The Baby City program is a resource day with workshops that break down many of the barriers faced by at-risk foster, probation, and recently transitioned expectant and parenting youth.  Local private and non-profit agencies are present during the resource day to help participants connect with community resources such as health screenings, child care, and transportation.  Baby City enables participating adolescents to gain specific knowledge through workshops led by experts in each subject matter including reproductive health issues, prenatal care, nutrition milestones, domestic violence awareness, financial literacy, legal issues, effective parenting and positive birth outcomes.  Baby City encompasses preventing second teen and/or unplanned pregnancies while strengthening the development of healthy families and stopping the cycle of abuse.


This Guide is for you if you are under 18 years old, you live in California, and you are pregnant or are already a parent. The Guide answers your questions about the law for pregnant or parenting minors. Questions like:

And more! This Guide has lots of information and can tell you where to get help.



Pregnant and parenting teens in care – rights and resources


Link to Resources for Pregnant and Parenting Teens in Los Angeles County:

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