Proclamation of April 2020 as child abuse prevention month in Los Angeles County

Child abuse and neglect can occur in all cultural, ethnic, and socio-economic groups, affecting victims, families, and communities. To help raise public awareness and to encourage the public to recognize and report child abuse, federal and local jurisdictions proclaim the month of April as Child Abuse Prevention Month.

Pope To Convene Summit On Sex Abuse Prevention

He summons bishops as more allegations against clergy emerge.


LADA 'No Hitters' Child Abuse Prevention Campaign Features PSA (4/28/18)

As part of the “No Hitters” campaign, a video featuring District Attorney Lacey and Sheriff Jim McDonnell premiered at Dodger Stadium on April 23 for Child Abuse Awareness Night. The officials were recognized on the field before the game.

Christina Crawford on life after Mommie Dearest: ‘My mother should have been in jail’

Her memoir of life with her abusive adoptive mother, the Hollywood superstar Joan Crawford, was perhaps the first ever to document child abuse from the point of view of the child. Now 80, is she finally free from the fallout?