Nexus Training Conference

The NEXUS Conference examines a wide range of issues related to family violence and the relationship between child abuse and domestic violence. Numerous workshops deal with such critically important subjects such as: effects on children witnessing family violence, child abuse and domestic violence fatalities, adolescent suicidal crises, the effects of substance abuse on children, abuse of disabled children and adults, teen dating violence, understanding and responding to children in crisis, and youth involvement in violence prevention/intervention.


Childhood Grief and Traumatic Loss

Grief and loss can be one of the most difficult experiences in your life when someone you love dies. Some describe their grief as coming in waves. When you least expect it, you may be struck by the wave and carried along with it. Emotions are felt differently for everyone at different times throughout the grief process. As ordinary people, we may choose to avoid talking about death and dying. Our avoidance can take several forms, for example, we may not know what to say, or an emotional trigger or memory may prompt our silence.


Cyber Crime Prevention Symposium

Children growing up today spend more and more time on their cell phones, on-line, e-mailing, texting, sharing photos and instant messaging, and as a result are targeted by on-line predators at ever increasing rates. The Symposium provides a comprehensive overview of the many important topics relating to Cyber Crime such as Internet Safety, Child Exploitation, Cyber Bullying, Digital Reputation and Sexting, and also provides students, educators and parents with the information, tools and resources necessary to be safe in the Cyber world.


Student Poster Art Contest

ICAN Associates hosts a Poster Art Contest each year in conjuction with National Child Abuse Prevention Month designated in the month of April. The contest is open to all 4th, 5th and 6th grade children throughout Los Angeles County. Since 1998, ICAN and ICAN Associates has reached approximately 14,000 students on this important issue of child abuse prevention.

Holiday Party

Over 600 children and their families attend. Our sponsors made the event especially memorable with each child participating in games, arts and crafts, as well as a lunch and a visit, photo and present from Santa.