Cyber Crime Prevention Symposium

Registration for the 2019 Cyber Crime Prevention Symposium XI is now open!




CONGRATULATIONS to the 2017-2018 Cyber Challenge Winners!

Technology and Research Award:

St. Charles Borromeo, North Hollywood

Creativity Award:

St. Thomas More, Alhambra



Create a Cyber Safety Program and Win the Cyber Crime Challenge!

MISSION: To promote good cyber etiquette by challenging students to develop and promote cyber safety programs in their schools. These programs should address topics including online child exploitation, cyber bullying, theft of intellectual property rights (i.e., music piracy), safe social networking communication, or any combination of these issues. Through this “Challenge,” student leaders empower their classmates to preserve their digital reputation and give them tools to avoid and report online dangers.


• Participation in the Cyber Crime Challenge is limited to schools represented at the October 16, 2017, Cyber Crime Prevention Symposium.

• Teams must submit their entries by Friday, April 13, 2018. A well-planned project in progress is acceptable.

• Each entry will be judged on its overall plan to reach a broad audience of the student body (all grade levels), parents and faculty.

• While use of technology is encouraged, this is not the sole criteria for selecting a winning submission. We want to encourage ALL schools to participate including those with limited resources.

• The ultimate goal is to demonstrate that the project incorporates the information learned at the Symposium and is shared with a broader audience.




ONLY one format is needed per submission. Some examples include the following: training at an assembly of students, incorporating information learned into your school’s existing curriculum (e.g., social studies, art, theater, computer lab), poster boards and handouts, adding a component to the school’s website, distribution of materials at a parent/teacher night or digital media such as a video.


The CCPS has worked with various school districts throughout Los Angeles County in an effort to identify student leaders, administrators, and parents capable of taking these important preventative and educational concepts back to their respective schools in order to educate the student body on the risks associated with cyber crime. In 2011, the CCPS expanded the Symposium’s objectives through the creation of its first annual Cyber Crime Prevention Challenge. Each team is encouraged to use its imagination to develop programs to address issues including online child exploitation, cyber bullying, intellectual property rights (i.e., music piracy), and safe social networking communication or any combination of these issues. Each team should work off the teaching points, case studies, and discussion topics addressed during the 2016 Symposium as the foundation for their program development. Each team will be judged on the creativity, implementation, and lasting effect of the program(s).


The winning schools will be announced in May, 2018.


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