ICAN Child Abduction Task Force

In 1990 ICAN formed the multidisciplinary Child Abduction Task Force (TF) to work both on assisting LE and other agencies in locating abducted children AND in providing reunification counseling for children and families when a child is recovered.

-The TF initially focused on various Law Enforcement agencies in the WLA area. 

-The project expanded and went county-wide in 1995, and is currently known as :  The ICAN Child Abduction TF/Reunification of Missing Children Program.


The Program’s Goal is to reduce trauma to children and families who fall victim to parental or stranger abduction by providing an effective and coordinated multi-disciplinary response. Specific services include:

-Quick response by Mental Health to provide assessment and intervention;

  -Linkage to support services;

 - Coordination of Law Enforcement efforts; and

-Child Protection and Mental Health Support to preserve long-term family stability. 

FTC places a strong emphasis on prevention and education through community outreach and programs such as the Elementary School & Parent Presentation program, known as KID INTUITION. 

The goal of programs like these is to educate the public on issues of child abduction and abuse and to present measures that should be taken to help ensure the safety of all children.

The TF meets monthly in order to evaluate the process of on-going cases receiving services; and all cases are reviewed. TF participants provide expertise and assess each case for further action.

In 1996, FTC added children abducted from Foster care to its case management program.

Today roughly 95% of their cases are referred by DCFS.

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