ICAN Hospital Network

Address the Spectrum of Child Abuse and Neglect from Risk Factors to Severe Nonfatal/Fatal Child Injuries

The Inter-Agency Council on Child Abuse and Neglect is currently building a hospital system to better connect and integrate existing resources. Target resources are those that address the multiple factors associated with child abuse and neglect.
The system components include:

  • Hospital Directory to allow for peer support and resource sharing
  • Multidisciplinary/Multiagency Hospital Based Teams including standards for hospital teams to support cross discipline coordination and when possible coordination with local agencies.
  • Internal and External Data Systems such as external state hospital discharge data with ICD-9-CM codes and internal hospital data on medical records as well as child abuse and neglect reports to outside agencies. This will include cross hospital data such as child abuse reports made by small hospitals referring cases to large hospitals for specialized medical care.
  • Standards, Protocols, Guidelines and Definitions developed by the network of participating hospitals to allow for a common language as well as program management
  • Automation to allow for efficient programs that minimize workload responsibilities and allow for flexibility. This includes internet and web resources as well as software to automate data collection while making mandatory reports. Automatic allows for geographic areas or specific medical systems such as child burn units and pediatric intensive care units.

This work is based on previous experience of creating child death reviews resulting in an international system of more than 1000 teams.  Additional experience includes state guidelines on investigation of severe child injury as well as a birth hospital project focusing on high risk neonates that linked the ICAN agencies, regional prenatal counsels and the Department of Children and Family Services.

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