ICAN Youth Suicide Coroner/Medical Examiner Investigation Procedural Guide

Every child has a story to tell. In a groundbreaking undertaking to fulfill further our understanding of youth suicides, the CASRT received funding from Jeffrey Gutin foundation of Young Adults at the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation to enable us to improve the quantity and quality of information gathered by coroners and medical examiners when they investigate these cases in the field.

Project Overview


Evaluation Findings

ICAN Coroner Suicide Guidelines Form Final Report


Next Steps

Resources are being sought to continue to refine the investigation guidelines into a field investigation tool kit and to increase the training of Medical Examiners and Coroner Investigators in Los Angeles County. We hope to then distribute our findings and investigation tools to Medical Examiners and Coroner Investigators throughout California and the nation. For information about these efforts and/or to request a copy of the investigation tools, contact Dr. Michael Pines, the Project Director.


ICAN Youth Suicide Coroner/Medical Examiner Investigation Procedural Guide

CASRT Guidelines

CASRT Guidelines Instructions

CASRT Guidelines Grief

CASRT Guidelines Explaining Death to Children

CASRT Guidelines Examples

CASRT Guidelines Example Heading


"Suicide prevention is a priority of the Department of Coroner. Our office pioneered the practice of psychological autopsy and led the way to multi- agency health prevention by supporting the efforts of ICAN and the Child and Adolescent Suicide Review Team. The Office continues to advance our practices by partnering ICAN to refine our investigation protocols and we encourage other medical examiners and coroners to consider adopting these important investigation tools."

Lakshmanan Sathyavagiswaran, MD, Chief Medical Examiner- Coroner

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